March 2010 issue contents

Cover and contents (PDF, 4 pages, 264 kb)

  by Giancarlo Corsetti, Andrew Lewin, Frank Smets, and Carl Walsh

Cross-Border Spillovers from Fiscal Stimulus
  by Giancarlo Corsetti, André Meier, and Gernot J. Müller

Commentary: Fiscal Stimulus and the Promise of Future Spending Cuts
  by Volker Wieland

Has Globalzation Changed the Phillips Curve? Firm-Level Evidence on the Effect of Activity on Prices
  by Eugenio Gaiotti
  by Hervé Le Bihan

Commentary: Inflation Pressures and Monetary Policy in a Global Economy 
  by Jordi Galí

The Zero Lower Bound and Monetary Policy in a Global Economy: A Simple Analytical Investigaion
  by Ippei Jujiwara, Nao Sudo, and Yuki Teranishi
  by Paolo Pesenti

Limitations on the Effectiveness of Forward Guidance at the Zero Lower Bound
  by Andrew Levin, David López-Salido, Edward Nelson, and Tack Yun
  by Robert G. King

Commentary: Commentary on Policy at the Zero Lower Bound
  by Christopher A. Sims

Policies to Rebalance the Global Economy After the Financial Crisis
  by Charles Freedman, Michael Kumhof, Douglas Laxton, and Dirk Muir
  by Raf Wouters

Commentary: Using Models for Monetary Policy Analysis
  by Carl E. Walsh