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Past conferences

  • 2016 BSP International Research Conference on "Revisiting macro-financial linkages: Looking back and looking ahead", 20-21 September 2016, Manila, Philippines, hosted by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.
  • 18th Annual Research Conference on "Forward Guidance and Communication about Unconventional Monetary Policy", hosted by De Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam on 19-20 November 2015.
  • Workshop on "International Monetary and Financial System - Short-term Challenges, Long-term Solutions", hosted by the Central Bank of Turkey and the Bank of England in Bodrum, Turkey on 14 June 2015.
  • XVII Annual Inflation Targeting Seminar, hosted by the Central Bank of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, 21-22 May 2015.
  • Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco's Annual Spring Macro/Monetary Economics Conference on "Monetary Policy and Financial Markets", Friday 28 March 2014
  • 16th Annual Research Conference on "The Impact of Credit on the Dynamics of SMEs", hosted by the De Nederlandsche Bank, 17-18 October 2013.
  • Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco's annual Spring Macro/Monetary Economics Conference on "The Past and Future of Monetary Policy", Friday 1 March 2013
  • 15th Annual Research Conference on "Household Finances and Behaviour in Times of Crisis", De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam, 25-26 October 2012
  • Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco's annual Spring Macro/Monetary Economics Conference on "Structural and Cyclical Elements in Macroeconomics", Friday 16 March 2012
  • 14th Annual Research Conference on "Complex systems: Towards a better understanding of financial stability and crises", De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam, 3-4 November 2011
  • Workshop on "The Interaction between Monetary Policy and Financial Stability", Norges Bank, Oslo, 9-10 June 2011
  • 13th Annual Research Conference on "Government support for the financial sector: what happens next?", De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam, 28-29 October 2010
  • 2010 Central Bank Macroeconomic Modeling Workshop, hosted by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, 19-20 October 2010
  • 12th Annual Research Conference on "Housing and credit dynamics: causes and consequences", De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam, October 15-16, 2009
  • Joint European Central Bank/De Nederlandsche Bank conference entitled "Retail payments: integration and innovation", European Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 25-26 May 2009
  • 11th Annual Research Conference at De Netherlandsche Bank on "Financial stability and financial crises: theory and policy", 30-31 October 2008
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  • The CEPR/ESI 12th Annual Conference on 'The Evolving Financial System and the Transmission Mechanism of Monetary Policy', 25/26 September 2008, Basel
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