Call for papers - Journal and conference submissions

Updated: January 2019

Journal submissions

The International Journal of Central Banking (IJCB) invites submissions of full-length articles, shorter articles or "notes", and comments on previously published work (with authors' replies).

The journal's primary objectives are to disseminate widely the best policy-relevant and applied research on central banking and to promote communication among researchers both inside and outside of central banks. The editors welcome manuscripts for consideration from central bank staff and other researchers.

The editors seek manuscripts of high analytical quality on the theory and/or practice of central banking, with special emphasis on research bearing on monetary and financial stability. Topic areas of published research may include but are not limited to:

  • macroeconomics
  • monetary economics
  • econometric modeling
  • finance and capital markets
  • banking and financial intermediation
  • analysis of payments systems
  • prudential regulation and supervision
  • issues relating to domestic and international financial stability
  • general international finance

On occasion, the journal may also commission surveys of important developing areas of research.

Journal submission guidelines

Conference submissions

The International Journal of Central Banking (IJCB) annual research conference brings together leading economists from central banks and academic institutions to consider issues of critical importance for policymaking focusing on topics related to financial stability and monetary policy.

The 2019 annual research conference will be on the topic of "Commodity Prices and Monetary Policy: New Theory and Evidence." The conference will be hosted by Norges Bank in Oslo, Norway, on 4-5 June 2019 and is being co-organized with Norges Bank, the Bank of Canada and the Centre for Applied Macro- and Petroleum Economics. The program committee comprises Borağan, Aruoba, Pierpaolo Benigno, Drago Bergholt, Hilde C. Bjørnland, Oleksiy Kryvtsov, Loretta Mester and Barbara Rossi. 

More details about the conference to follow shortly.