March 2018 issue contents

Cover and contents

Fiscal Policy Stabilization: Purchases or Transfers?
   by Neil R. Mehrotra
   Online appendix

Evaluating Indicators for Use in Setting the Countercyclical Capital Buffer
   by Eero Tölö, Helinä Laakkonen, and Simo Kalatie
   Online appendix

The Rate Elasticity of Retail Deposits in the United Kingdom: A Macroeconomic Investigation
   by Ching-Wai (Jeremy) Chiu, and John Hill
   Online appendix

Targeting Constant Money Growth at the Zero Lower Bound
   by Michael T. Belongia, and Peter N. Ireland

Learning about Commodity Cycles and Saving-Investment Dynamics in a Commodity-Exporting Economy
   by Jorge Fornero, and Markus Kirchner

Bond Vigilantes and Inflation
   by Andrew K. Rose, and Mark M. Spiegel

Global Factors in the Term Structure of Interest Rates
   by Mirko Abbritti, Salvatore Dell'Erba, Antonio Moreno, and Sergio Sola

Expectations about the Federal Reserve's Balance Sheet and the Term Structure of Interest Rates
   by Jane Ihrig, Elizabeth Klee, Canlin Li, Min Wei, and Joe Kachovec