December 2009 issue contents

Cover and contents (PDF, 4 pages, 182 kb)

  by Douglas Gale, Rafael Repullo, Til Schuermann, and Frank Smets

Interbank Lending, Credit-Risk Premia, and Collateral
  by Florian Heider and Marie Hoerova
  by Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden

Liquidity, Moral Hazard, and Interbank Market Collapse
  by Enisse Kharroubi and Edouard Vidon
  by Tano Santos

Credit, Asset Prices, and Financial Stress
  by Miroslav Misina and Greg Tkacz
  by Stijn Claessens

Commentary: Prices and Quantities in the Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism
  by Tobias Adrian and Hyun Song Shin

Strategic Trading in Multiple Assets and the Effects on Market Volatility
  by Chenghuan Sean Chu, Andreas Lehnert, and Wayne Passmore
  by Bruce Carlin

Commentary: When Everyone Runs for the Exit
  by Lasse Pedersen