December 2007 issue contents

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Did Prices Really Soar after the Euro Cash Changeover? Evidence from ATM Withdrawals
  by Paolo Angelini and Francesco Lippi

The Great Inflation and Early Disinflation in Japan and Germany
  by Edward Nelson

Inflation-Forecast-Based Rules and Indeterminacy: A Puzzle and a Resolution
  by Paul Levine, Peter McAdam and Joseph Pearlman

Modern Forecasting Models in Action: Improving Macroeconomic Analyses at Central Banks
  by Malin Adolfson, Michael K. Andersson, Jesper Lindé, Mattias Villani and Anders Vredin

A New Core Inflation Indicator for New Zealand
  by Domenico Giannone and Troy D. Matheson

Firm-Specific or Household-Specific Sticky Wages in the New Keynesian Model?
  by Miguel Casares