September 2006 issue contents
Firm-Specific Production Factors in a DSGE Model with Taylor Price Setting - IJCB - September 2006

by Gregory de Walquea, Frank Smetsb and Rafael Woutersa


Using Bayesian likelihood methods, this paper estimates a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model with Taylor contracts and firm-specific factors in the goods market on euro-area data. The paper shows how the introduction of firmspecific factors improves the empirical fit of the model and reduces the estimated contract length to a duration of four quarters, which is more consistent with the empirical evidence on average price durations in the euro area. However, in order to obtain this result, the estimated real rigidity is very large, either in the form of a very large constant elasticity of substitution between goods or in the form of an endogenous elasticity of substitution that is very sensitive to the relative price. Finally, the paper also investigates the implications of these estimates for the distribution of prices and quantities across the various goods sectors.

JEL Codes: E1-E3.

Full article (PDF, 48 pages 575 kb)

a National Bank of Belgium
b European Central Bank, CEPR, and Ghent University