September 2006 issue contents

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Staggered Pricing Models Face the Facts
Introduction to a Special Issue of the International Journal of Central Banking
  by John Taylor, Hyun Shin, Frank Smets, Kazuo Ueda and Michael Woodford
Editorial Board

What Firms' Surveys Tell Us about Price-Setting Behavior in the Euro Area
  by Silvia Fabiani, Martine Druant, Ignacio Hernando, Claudia Kwapil, Bettina Landau, Claire Loupias, Fernando Martins, Thomas Mathä, Roberto Sabbatini, Harald Stahl and Ad Stokman

Intrinsic and Inherited Inflation Persistence
  by Jeffrey C. Fuhrer

A Bayesian DSGE Model with Infinite-Horizon Learning: Do "Mechanical" Sources of Persistence Become Superfluous?
  by Fabio Milani

Firm-Specific Production Factors in a DSGE Model with Taylor Price Setting
  by Gregory de Walque, Frank Smets and Rafael Wouters

U.S. Wage and Price Dynamics: A Limited-Information Approach
  by Argia M. Sbordone

Monetary Policy and Inflation Dynamics
  by John M. Roberts