September 2022 issue contents

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Optimal Inflation Rates in a Non-linear New Keynesian Model: The Case of Japan and the United States
Tomohide Mineyama, Wataru Hirata and Kenji Nishizaki
Online appendix

Why So Low for So Long? A Long-Term View of Real Interest Rates
Claudio Borio, Piti Disyatat, Mikael Juselius and Phurichai Rungcharoenkitkul
Online appendix

De jure Benchmark Bonds
Eli Remolona and James Yetman

Credit Schocks and Allocative Efficiency during a Financial Crisis
Andrea Linarello, Andrea Petrella, and Enrico Sette

Monetary Policy and Regional House-Price Appreciation
Daniel Cooper, María José Luengo-Prado, and Giovanni P. Olivei

The Reliability of Equilibrium Exchange Rate Models: A Forecasting Perspective
Michele Ca' Zorzi, Adam Cap, Andrej Mijakovic and Michal Rubaszek

Confidence Cycles and Liquidity Hoarding
Volha Audzei
Online appendix

The Real Effects of Credit Line Drawdowns
Jose M. Berrospide and Ralf R. Meisenzahl