June 2019 issue contents
Asset Price Spillovers from Unconventional Monetary Policy: A Global Empirical Perspective

Domenico Lombardia, Pierre L. Siklosa,b, and Samantha St. Amanda


This paper sheds new light on spillovers from U.S. monetary policies before, during, and after the 2008-09 global financial crisis by examining the behavior of select financial asset returns and incorporating indicators of the content of U.S. Federal Open Market Committee announcements. The impact of U.S. monetary policies is examined for systemically important and small open advanced economies. U.S. monetary policy surprise easings are found to have decreased yields in advanced economies post-crisis. The impact of the content of U.S. Federal Open Market Committee statements, coded using text analysis software, is also found to be significant but sensitive to the state of the economy.

JEL Code: G12, G28, E52, E58.

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 Center for International Governance Innovation
b  Wilfrid Laurier University