December 2017 issue contents

2017 December

Cover and contents

A Global Trade Model for the Euro Area
  by Antonello D'Agostino, Michele Modugno and Chiara Osbat

Optimal Monetary Policy with Nominal Rigidities and Lumpy Investment
  by Tommy Sveen and Lutz Weinke

Disruptions in Large-Value Payment Systems: An Experimental Approach
  by Klaus Abbink, Ronald Bosman, Ronald Heijmans and Frans van Winden

Cyclicality and Firm Size in Private Firm Defaults
  by Thais Lærkholm Jensen, David Lando and Mamdouh Medhat

Predicting Vulnerabilities in the EU Banking Sector: The Role of Global and Domestic Factors
  by Markus Behn, Carsten Detken, Tuomas Peltonen and Willem Schudel

The Great Globalization and Changing Inflation Dynamics
  by Chengsi Zhang

Quantitative Easing and Tapering Uncertainty: Evidence from Twitter
  by Annette Meinusch and Peter Tillmann

Fiscal Consolidation in an Open Economy with Sovereign Premia and without Monetary Policy Independence
  by Apostolis Philippopoulos, Petros Varthalitis and Vanghelis Vassilatos
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