March 2015 issue contents
Inflation expectations and the news

by Michael D. Bauera


This paper provides new evidence on the importance of inflation expectations for variation in nominal interest rates, based on both market-based and survey-based measures of inflation expectations. Using the information in TIPS break-even rates and inflation swap rates, I document that movements in inflation compensation are important for explaining variation in long-term nominal interest rates, unconditionally as well as conditionally on macroeconomic data surprises. Daily changes in inflation compensation and changes in long-term nominal rates generally display a close statistical relationship. The sensitivity of inflation compensation to macroeconomic data surprises is substantial, and it explains a sizable share of the macro response of nominal rates. The paper also documents that survey expectations of inflation exhibit significant co-movement with variation in nominal interest rates, as well as significant responses to macroeconomic news.

JEL Codes: E43, E44, E52.

Full article (PDF, 40 pages, 796 kb)

a Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco