December 2014 issue contents

Cover and contents

Monetary and Labor Interactions in a Monetary Union
  by Vincenzo Cuciniello

Financial Stability and Central Bank Governance
  by Michael Koetter, Kasper Roszbach and Giancarlo Spagnolo

The Aggregate Demand Effects of Short- and Long-Term Interest Rates
  by Michael T. Kiley

Introducing Funding Liquidity Risk in a Macro Stress-Testing Framework
  by CĂ©line Gauthier, Moez Souissi, and Xuezhi Liu

The Role of Counterparty Risk in CHAPS Following the Collapse of Lehman Brothers
  by Evangelos Benos, Rodney J. Garratt and Peter Zimmerman

Bank Market Power and Monetary Policy Transmission
  by Sophocles N. Brissimis, Manthos D. Delis and Maria Iosifidi

Nowcasting Norway
  by Matteo Luciani and Lorenzo Ricci

News, Housing Boom-Bust Cycles, and Monetary Policy
  by Birol Kanik and Wei Xiao