September 2013 issue contents

Cover and contents

Fiscal Shocks and the Real Exchange Rate
  by Agustín S. Bénétrix and Philip R. Lane,

Granularity Adjustment for Regulatory Capital Assessment
  by Michael B. Gordy and Eva Lütkebohmert

(Un)anticipated Monetary Policy in a DSGE Model with a Shadow Banking System
  by Fabio Verona, Manuel M. F. Martins, and Inês Drumond

The Impact of Monetary Policy Shocks on Commodity Prices
  by Alessio Anzuini, Marco J. Lombardi, and Patrizio Pagano

Policymakers' Interest Rate Preferences: Recent Evidence for Three Monetary Policy Committees
  by Alexander Jung

Capital Regulation, Monetary Policy, and Financial Stability
  by Pierre-Richard Agénor, Koray Alper, and Luiz Pereira da Silva