December 2012 issue contents

Cover and contents

Central Banks' Voting Records and Future Policy
  by Roman Horváth, Kateřina Šmídková and Jan Zápal

Extracting Deflation Probability Forecasts from Treasurey Yields
  by Jens H.E. Christensen, Jose A. Lopez, and Glenn D. Rudebusch

DSGE Model Restrictions for Structural VAR Identification
  by Philip Liu and Konstantinos Theodoridis

Using Estimated Models to Assess Nominal and Real Rigidities in the United Kingdom
  by Güneş Kamber and Stephen Millard

Modeling the Share of Cash Payments in the Economy: An Application to France
  by Yassine Bouhdaoui and David Bounie

Spoilt and Lazy: The Impact of State Support on Bank Behavior in the International Loan Market
  by Blaise Gadanecz, Kostas Tsatsaronis, and Yener Altunbaş