June 2011 issue contents

Cover and contents (PDF, 4 pages, 181 kb)

Imperfect Central Bank Communication: Information versus Distraction
  by Spencer Dale, Athanasios Orphanides, and Pär Österholm

Inflation Conservatism and Monetary-Fiscal Policy Interactions
  by Andrew P. Blake and Tatiana Kirsanova

Endogenous Central Bank Information and the Optimal Degree of Transparency
  by Romain Baeriswyl

Inflation Risk Premia and Survey Evidence on Macroeconomic Uncertainty
  by Paul Söderlind

Interest Rate Forecasts: A Pathology
  by Charles A. E. Goodhart and Wen Bin Lim

Endogenous Exposure to Systemic Liquidity Risk
  by Jin Cao and Gerhard Illing