March 2007 issue contents

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Transparency, Communication and Commitment
Introduction to a special Issue of the International Journal of Central Banking
  by John Taylor, Hyun Shin, Frank Smets, Kazuo Ueda and Michael Woodford
Editorial Board

Optimal Economic Transparency
  by Carl E. Walsh

The Mystique of Central Bank Speak
  by Petra M. Geraats

Imperfect Common Knowledge in First-Generation Models of Currency Crises
  by Gara Mínguez-Afonso

Manipulation in Money Markets
  by Christian Ewerhart, Nuno Cassola, Steen Ejerskov and Natacha Valla

Monetary Policy under Imperfect Commitment: Reconciling Theory with Evidence
  by A. Hakan Kara

Transparency, Disclosure and the Federal Reserve
  by Michael Ehrmann and Marcel Fratzscher