June 2006 issue contents
Global Bond Portfolios and EMU - IJCB - June 2006

by Philip R. Lane
IIIS and Economics Department, Trinity College Dublin and CEPR


This paper examines the bilateral composition of international bond portfolios for the euro area and the individual EMU member countries. I find considerable support for euroarea bias: EMU member countries disproportionately invest in one another relative to other country pairs. Another striking pattern is the positive connection between trade linkages and financial linkages in explaining asymmetries across EMU member countries in terms of their outward bond investments vis-à-vis external counterparties. My empirical results underline the impact of currency union on financial integration and support the notion that financial regionalization is the leading force underlying financial globalization.

JEL Codes: E42, F41, G15.

Full article (PDF, 23 pages 260 kb)