December 2005 issue contents

2005 December

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How Should Monetary Policy Respond to Asset-Price Bubbles?
David Gruen, Michael Plumb and Andrew Stone

What Explains the Varying Monetary Response to Technology Shocks in G-7 Countries?
Neville R. Francis, Michael T. Owyang and Athena T. Theodorou

One Market, One Money, One Price?
Nigel F.B. Allington, Paul A. Kattuman and Florian A. Waldmann

Understanding and Comparing Factor-Based Forecasts
Jean Boivin and Serena Ng

Inflation Targeting and Inflation Behavior: A Successful Story?
Marco Vega and Diego Winkelried

Optimal Policy Projections
Lars E.O. Svensson and Robert J. Tetlow