Forthcoming articles

Macroprudential Policy and Aggregate Demand
André Teixeira and Zoë Venter

Unanticipated and Backward-Looking: Deflations and the Behavior of Inflation Expectations
Ryan Banerjee and Aaron Mehrotra

Central Clearing and Systemic Liquidity Risk
Thomas B. King, Travis D. Nesmith, Anna Paulson and Todd Prono

Government Assistance and Banks' Funding Cost
Md Jahir Uddin Palas and Fernando Moreira

Rise of the Central Bank Digital Currencies
Raphael Auer, Giulio Cornelli and Jon Frost 

Why Are Inflation Forecasts Sticky? Theory and Application to France and Germany
Frédérique Bec, Raouf Boucekkine and Caroline Jardet

Countering Appreciation Pressure with Unconventional Monetary Policy: The Role of Financial Frictions
Nicole Aregger and Jessica Leutert 

Funding Behavior of Debt Management Offices and the ECB's Public Sector Purchase Program
Katharina Plessen-Mátyás, Christoph Kaufmann and Julian von Landesberger

Optimal Central Bank Forward Guidance
Eunmi Ko

An Interpretable Machine Learning Workflow with an Application to Economic Forecasting
Marcus Buckmann and Andreas Joseph 

Demographic Shifts, Macroprudential Policies, and House Prices
Jieun Lee and Hosung Jung

Global and Domestic Financial Cycles: Variations on a Theme
Iñaki Aldasoro, Stefan Avdjiev, Claudio Borio and Piti Disyatat

Unintended Consequences of U.S. Monetary Policy Shocks: Dutch Disease and Capital Flow Measures in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies
Juan F. Yépez 

Franchise Value Matters: The Drivers of Bank Risk-Taking in the Post-Basel III Era
Takuji Kawamoto, Taichi Matsuda, Koji Takahashi and Yoichiro Tamanyu 

Do Macroprudential Policies Affect Non-bank Financial Intermediation?
Stijn Claessens, Giulio Cornelli, Leonardo Gambacorta, Francesco Manaresi and Yasushi Shiina

Credit Booms, Labor Reallocation, and Productivity Growth
Enisse Kharroubi, Christian Upper, Fabrizio Zampolli and Claudio Borio 

Toward a Green Economy: The Role of the Central Bank's Asset Purchases
Alessandro Ferrari and Valerio Nispi Landi 

Operational and Cyber Risks in the Financial Sector
Iñaki Aldasoro, Leonardo Gambacorta, Paolo Giudici and Thomas Leach 

Yield Curve Control
Takahiro Hattori and Jiro Yoshida 

Assessing the Effectiveness of Currency-Differentiated Tools: The Case of Reserve Requirements
Annamaria De Crescenzio, Etienne Lepers and Zoe Fannon