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December 2016 issue
IJCB cover
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The International Journal of Central Banking (IJCB) is an initiative of the central banking community.

Published quarterly, the journal features articles on central bank theory and practice, with a special emphasis on research ... See full Statement of Purpose

Editorial board

Managing Editor
Loretta J. Mester
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Tobias Adrian
International Monetary Fund

Boragan Aruoba
University of Maryland

Pierpaolo Benigno
LUISS Guido Carli

Harrison Hong
Columbia University

Luc Laeven
European Central Bank

Rafael Repullo

Lucrezia Reichlin
London Business School

Barbara Rossi
CREI, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Print ISSN: 1815-4654 Frequency: Four times a year
Current Volume: 12, Number 4

December 2016 issue contents

Cover and contents

Consumer Cash Usage: A Cross-Country Comparison with Payment Diary Survey Data
  by John Bagnall, David Bounie, Kim P. Huynh, Anneke Kosse, Tobias Schmidt, Scott Schuh and Helmut Stix

Death of a Reserve Currency
  by Stephen Quinn and William Roberds

What Is Learned from a Currency Crisis, Fear of Floating, or Hollow Middle? Identifying Exchange Rate Policy in Crisis Countries
  by Soyoung Kim

Which Aspects of Central Bank Transparency Matter? A Comprehensive Analysis of the Effect of Transparency on Survey Forecasts
  by Anna Naszodi, Csaba Csavas, Szilard Erhart and Daniel Felcser

Bank Lending in Times of Large Bank Reserves
  by Antoine Martin, James McAndrews, and David Skeie

Fedspeak: Who Moves U.S. Asset Prices?
  by Carlo Rosa

Globalization, Pass-Through, and Inflation Dynamics
  by Pierpaolo Benigno and Ester Faia

The Demand for Short-Term, Safe Assets and Financial Stability: Some Evidence and Implications for Central Bank Policies
  by Mark Carlson, Burcu Duygan-Bump, Fabio Natalucci, Bill Nelson, Marcelo Ochoa, Jeremy Stein and Skander Van den Heuvel

Supplementary Appendix - Robustness Analysis of the Discrete Choice Models

Fedspeak: Who Moves U.S. Asset prices? Online Appendix
  by Carlo Rosa