June 2015 issue contents
Capital regulation in a macroeconomic model with three layers of default

by Laurent Clerca, Alexis Dervizb, Caterina Mendicinoc, Stephane Moyend, Kalin Nikolove, Livio Straccaf, Javier Suarezg and Alexandros P. Vardoulakish


We develop a dynamic general equilibrium model for the positive and normative analysis of macroprudential policies. Optimizing financial intermediaries allocate their scarce net worth together with funds raised from saving households across two lending activities, mortgage and corporate lending. For all borrowers (households, firms, and banks), external financing takes the form of debt which is subject to default risk. This "3D model" shows the interplay between three interconnected net worth channels that cause financial amplification and the distortions due to deposit insurance. We apply it to the analysis of capital regulation.

JEL Codes: E3, E44, G01, G21.

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Discussion by Nobuhiro Kiyotaki

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b Czech National Bank
c Banco de Portugal and UECE
d Deutsche Bundesbank
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h Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System